Alex aka Inky

slider3Alex has been tattooing for over 18 years, and has worked with some of the best and not forgetting award winning artist’s. Alex has always enjoyed art in any form and has great pleasure in producing individual works of art for people from all walks of life Young ( 18) and Old . Alex specialises in Custom Work, Black & Grey and Sleeves and with your input and  Alex’s imagination and your trust in Alex’s interpretation will mean that you will enjoy your unique piece of Body Art

Alex has worked in studios all over the country, then opening his first studio in his home town Enfield. Alex  wanted his clients and new customers to feel relaxed in the clean and contemporary  studio his clients and visitors to realise that a Tattoo Studio should make you feel welcome not intimidated.

Consultations are an important factor as unlike other goods/services you cannot return to sender, with  this  in mind this enables the client to be fully aware of the procedure, all clients are encouraged to discus any concerns that he or she may have. Alex will offer his professional judgment or suggestions. ID will be required  all clients will complete a consent form prior to the start of treatment and an aftercare sheet at the end of your session.

Alex’s clientele over the years is as vast as it is unique, its is not uncommon for some of his clients to Fly to England for an appointment. Alex is pleased to welcome back all his customers.

There is only one Inky Fingerz.