If you are unable to find the answer to your question listed below please call or email.

We aim to answer any questions or queries within 24hours.

Age Policy: 

Under the Tattooing of minor act 1969, it is a criminal offence to tattoo anyone under the age of 18years in the UK.  If a person looks under the age of 21 we are required to ask them to prove that they are over the age of 18.

Forms accepted by Inky Fingerz are: Photo card Driving Licence, Passport, Proof of age cards bearing the PASS hologram.

Do we welcome Walk In Trade?

Members of the public are more than welcome to drop by and visit Inky Fingerz.  You will be greeted by a polite member of staff who will talk through with you your tattoo ideas.  Should we be busy you may be asked to wait or at times pop back a little bit later.  If the work that you require is lengthy tattoo work we may ask you to book an appointment with us where a small deposit will be required.  We aim to fit all our walk in trade in on the same day.

I have never been to a Tattooist and I am unsure of what to expect?

It is common knowledge that a Tattoo Studio is one of the most daunting places for a person to visit.  At Inky Fingerz it is paramount that our staff make our clients feel welcome.  You will be greeted by a member of staff that will spend time with you, talking and discussing your individual needs.  Our studio is a clean and professional environment that welcomes everyone.  Should this be your first visit to a Tattooist, we are more than confident that when you leave you will want to visit again and again.

Booking Procedure?

A deposit will be required to confirm your booking. This will be deducted upon completion. Please come in to discuss your requirements.

We may accept bookings over the phone, please do not be offended if we ask you to come to the studio and pay a booking deposit. If  you are unable to make your appointment and you have not contacted us prior or on the day we may offer another customer your booking and your deposit may not be refunded. If in doubt call the studio or email.

Can I bring my own design?

As our customer, we will work fully with you to achieve the tattoo you are after.  We urge clients to research the internet, newspapers, books, magazines etc.  Please feel free to bring in your own designs and ideas, we will work together in designing your new tattoo.  At Inky Fingerz we offer a free consultation with no obligation.  The more ideas you provide us with the more understanding we have to work with.

Will my Tattoo hurt? 

The answer to this questions is neither yes or no. Each individual experiences pain in different ways. Some areas of the body are less painful than others.  At Inky Fingerz we are fully aware and understanding of how each person will cope during the tattoo process, should you feel the need to take a break or stop for a moment do not hesitate in saying so.

What will my Tattoo cost?

The studio minimum charge rate is £40 we are unable to quote prices of the telephone for large and complex works.

Are there parts of the body we will not tattoo?

At Inky Fingerz, we are aware of the effects some tattoos may have on peoples future careers and other aspects of their life.  Tattoos on the side of the hands and neck will be discussed with you prior, to establish the consequences they may have on each individual client.

Tattoos on the face are a defiant NO unless you are already heavily tattooed.
Please note that tattoos on the side of the hands are not guaranteed to last and may require tattooing again.

How do I know the equipment you are using is clean?

Firstly what every person should be aware of when looking at getting a tattoo is that each needle is used only ONCE.  Each needle is sealed and sterile and will be openned in front of you the client EVERY TIME.  Once your tattoo has been finished the needle is then placed into a medical sharpes box that once full is taken and disposed of.  Needles are not reusable under any circumstances!!  The stainless steel tattoo nozzles and grips that are used are put through an ultra sonic cycle (breaks down all ink and particles), then vigorously washed before being sterilised each and every day using a Vacuum Autoclave (steriliser) approved by Hertfordshire Local Authority in line with the legal requirements of the studio holding a special treatment licence this is MANDATORY. During your visit we are more than happy to explain and answer any concerns you may have regarding cleanliness of our working area.

How do I look after my new Tattoo?

Firstly on this subject, it is the Tattooist job to create a good piece of art work, it is your job as the customer to care for your tattoo in order for it to heal properly.  Each tattoo should be treated as an open wound, if not looked after properly you can sustain infections, cracking of the tattoo and sometimes more drastically scarring.  We will provide aftercare advice that must be adhered to we have the knowlegde and experience please do not ignore our advice. Creams such as Vaseline do not have any healing properties in them so we strongly advise this should not be used. If in doubt call us?

Once your tattoo is finished it will be cleaned and covered to protect from outside elements until you arrive home, you will need  to wash the tattoo with warm, soapy water DO NOT RUB  then pat it gently with a towel.  Apply a little amount of aftercare treatment as directed.  You can then wash and bath as normally but it is best that a new tattoo is not soaked in a bath too long.  The area will form a scab which is not too be picked, this can cause patches in your tattoo where you have drawn the ink out.  Your tattoo should take about 2 weeks to completely heal, this depends on you !

We strongly advise NO swimming, sun beds and sun exposure for at least the duration of the healing process. We will not be held responsibile for any damage to your tattoo that may have occured due to not adhering to our aftercare advice.

Prolonged sun exposure will fade your tattoo.

Our tattoo aftercare will be explained fully before you leave our premises.  We strongly advise out customers to contact us if in any any doubt what so ever when caring for their new tattoo.

A Word to the wise.

You will be required to complete a consent form prior to your proceedure please be honest and tell us if you are taking any form of medication as some medication may affect the healing process.
Where possible if you have young children it is best that you seek a babysitter prior to your appointment.We have no child friendly facilities.
Drinking before a tattoo is never a good idea, alcohol is a blood thinner, which means the more you bleed the harder it is for the ink to sink into your skin.
Drugs have the same impact as alcohol, strongly advised not to indulge prior to or during a tattoo.

We do have the right to refuse a tattoo if any person is deemed drunk or under the influence of drugs this is for your benefit your deposit may also not be refunded.

If you are normally asked to provide ID to prove your age, please bring it with you, this will save time and embarrassment.